Award Tack 2021

Send us an email or call! or 913 683 3812. 

We are currently preparing for Vegas NFR 2021, so we are taking a very limited amount of award orders if any at all.   

Some FAQs about Awards.... 

Can I get an award discount?  Yes, a 10% Discount if you order more then 5 of each item & they are all a similar design.  

Award orders can take 6-8 weeks to complete, so give yourself ample time to order before your event.  

Can you do this ________?...... We are open to new ideas and styles as long as we are capable of making them.  Also we are happy to talk about price points and your award needs. 

Where can I see examples of awards?  The best place to see 100s of pictures of our awards is on our FaceBook page...  Look up Graham Equine.  Also our Instagram page has lots of pictures.. Look up @graham_equine   

We will no longer do CUSTOM awards for each winner.... this got way too time consuming for us.  We prefer to work with your awards director and not the members individually. Small customizations are allowed, ie.. horses name, award lettering, colors, etc.  





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