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Graham Equine

Brown Latigo Saddle Strings

Brown Latigo Saddle Strings

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Brown Latigo strings, chocolate color.  They sell as a PAIR (2). 

These are made from 6/7oz Brown Latigo.  Leather is thick and very durable.  1/2" wide.  Have a distressed finish, when you oil/condition them they will darken to a dark chocolate color. It is recommended to oil/condition your strings. 

I sell these in a few options.. 

Option #1- Tied onto a SNAP.  This option is the best for easy/on easy off... the snaps attach to the Dees already on your saddle (see photo of snap).

Option #2-  Tied onto Saddle Dees w/ a Clip.  This option attaches under your concho.  You will have to take your conchos off and screw them back on.  I tie these and will cut them to a 24" length (see photo of Dee),

Option #3-  50" Long Un-cut strings.  If you know how to tie your own strings or have a saddle that requires slotted conchos, you need these.  If you cant do them, a saddle shop would probably help you out.  

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